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Best Sanitizers, Inc. Asks Food Processors: Do You Want to Take Pathogen Reduction to a New Level in 2019?

The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is asking food manufacturers to take action and work in a mode of continuous improvement. Food manufacturing plants need to find new ways to improve their current processes on a regular basis. Food safety experts, Best Sanitizers, Inc. is offering to help food plants identify areas where they can improve pathogen reduction while meeting this requirement.

Best Sanitizers, Inc. recommends four areas that food processors can evaluate and potentially improve upon. Those areas are: hand hygiene, footwear hygiene, surface and drain sanitization. Best Sanitizers helps processors improve their pathogen reduction in these areas by introducing more effective cleaning and sanitizing products, equipment and techniques.

1.    Hand Hygiene: Production workers’ hands can be a source of cross-contamination. Education and training can go a long way in reducing the potential for cross-contamination. Best Sanitizers can provide expert training to help employees improve their handwashing knowledge and technique. Best Sanitizers also offers high quality E1 and E2 rated hand soaps from their popular Alpet® product line that are specifically formulated to meet the needs of the food processing industry. Their Alpet E1 Fragrance-Free Foam Soap is an excellent E1 rated soap for all food service and food processing applications. For processors that want the added protection of an E2 rated sanitizing soap, Best Sanitizers offers three to choose from; Alpet Q E2 Sanitizing Foam Soap, Alpet E2 Sanitizing Foam Soap and HACCP Q E2 Sanitizing Liquid Soap. Each of these soaps are designed to be tough on germs, but gentle on hands, even with repeated use. For food handlers and food processors who want to take their hand hygiene program to the next level, Best Sanitizers recommends adding a hand sanitizer to their hand hygiene program. Best Sanitizers offers two different high quality E3 rated hand sanitizers; Alpet E3 Plus Hand Sanitizer Spray and Alpet E3 Hand Sanitizer Spray. Each of these hand sanitizers are formulated with emollients to help keep hands soft and healthy. Alpet E3 Plus offers the highest efficacy available in a hand sanitizer, killing 99.9999% of 26 tested pathogens in 15 seconds, and is delivered as an atomized spray to saturate fingernails, cuticles, cracks and crevices of the hands and fingers where pathogens hide.

2.    Footwear Hygiene: Cross-contamination from footwear can become a big problem for food processors. Contaminated boots can carry pathogens all throughout the plant. Best Sanitizers has a line of boot scrubbers and footwear sanitizers to help reduce pathogens before they become a problem. Their BSX Boot Scrubber™ Series offers different size units that use Alpet No-Rinse Quat Sanitizer as a cleaning solution combined with the units’ mechanical action to clean soil and debris from boots and footwear. Whether you’re operating a small or large facility, the BSX series has a unit to fit your needs. Once boots are clean, they can now be sanitized, and Best Sanitizers has two units that can effectively sanitize footwear and reduce the risk of cross-contamination in a facility. The HACCP Defender™ and HACCP SmartStep™ use compressed air to deliver Alpet D2 or Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer to footwear soles. The HACCP Defender is a walk-through system and ideal for larger facilities where higher throughput is desired. The HACCP SmartStep™ is a smaller unit and can go practically anywhere footwear sanitization is required. Both units deliver a fresh application of Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer with each use and provide a great alternative to the messy and unreliable performance of antiquated footbaths.

3.    Surface Sanitization: Surfaces in a food plant, especially food contact surfaces, must be properly cleaned and sanitized to avoid cross-contamination of the finished food product. Best Sanitizers can help processors evaluate and improve their surface sanitizing program. Best Sanitizers was the first company to achieve a D2 rating for a surface sanitizer, and later introduced the Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizing Wiping System… a convenient tool for sanitizing surfaces, tools and equipment. More recently, Best Sanitizers introduced Alpet D2 Quat-Free Surface Sanitizer for processors who can’t use quaternary ammonium. Both Alpet D2 and Alpet D2 Quat-Free offer the fastest kill times available for a surface sanitizer with a 10 second kill claim for non-food contact surfaces and a 60 second kill claim for food contact surfaces. Both products require no rinse, are highly evaporative, and are ideal for water sensitive equipment and dry processing environments.

4.    Drain Sanitization: Drains are a critical area of every processing facility. When overlooked or neglected, they can quickly become ground zero for the next outbreak. Proper cleaning, regular maintenance, and daily sanitizing will ensure that these problem areas stay in check. Best Sanitizers can help food processors develop a cleaning and sanitizing program that best fits their plant’s needs. Best Sanitizers carries a full line of cleaning products, sanitizers, foaming units and attachments to effectively clean and sanitize drains.

“Our goal is to promote and advance food safety throughout the industry,” states Ryan Witt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We want to provide food industry professionals with the tools and education they need to reduce cross-contamination in their facilities.”

Best Sanitizers, Inc. offers on-site training, demonstrations, and educational webinars for your facility, including food processing plants, nutraceutical facilities, and pharmaceutical processors. With a full line of quality Alpet® hand soaps and hand sanitizers, Best Sanitizers can help food manufacturers choose the right products and maximize hand hygiene efforts with training and support designed specifically to meet their plant’s needs. Schedule an on-site training by calling 888-225-3267.

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About Best Sanitizers, Inc:
Since 1995, Best Sanitizers, Inc. has been providing the Food Processing, Janitorial Sanitation and Healthcare industries with the highest quality hand soaps, hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers and dispensing options available. These products are used in over 9,000 U.S. food processing facilities. Best Sanitizers was the first company to achieve an E3 rating for an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and the first to achieve a D2 rating for an alcohol/quat-based surface sanitizer for food contact surfaces. Best Sanitizers continues to explore new and innovative ways to deliver hand hygiene and surface sanitation solutions.

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