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Matrix Acrylic IOL

ProductsMatrix Acrylic IOL
Company Medennium, Inc.
Item Matrix Acrylic IOL
Features Optic
Symmetric biconvex optic designed to:
  • Minimize cosmetically undesirable external reflection in the pupil
  • Minimize internally reflected glare
  • Provide consistent lens geometry across all diopters, maximizing refractive predictability

  • Full optic design
  • No redundant outer ring to reduce effective optic zone
  • Fully functional 6 mm optic

  • Sharp edge designed to:
  • Reduce potential for lens epithelial cell migration onto posterior capsule
  • Haptics

  • Polyvinylidene (PVDF) haptics to eliminate capsule folds and enhance stability
  • 5 angulation designed to provide early and effective optic/capsule contact thereby minimizing migration of lens epithelial cells to the posterior capsule
  • Description Matrix Acrylic is the newest technology available in acrylic lens design. This unique foldable, hydrophobic lens combines exceptional material and design properties to achieve truly innovative results.


  • Unique foldable hydrophobic acrylic material
  • Single monomer formulation developed to be biostable
  • High index of refraction
  • Biomechanics

  • Highest tensile strength designed to resist optic damage during folding and insertion
  • Polyvinylidene (PVDF) haptics chosen for their superior memory and compressibility, designed to ensure complete shape recovery
  • Info Medennium, Inc.
    Customer Service: (888) 727-6100
    Web site:

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