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Isolated Mitochondria Staining Kit from Sigma-Aldrich

ProductsIsolated Mitochondria Staining Kit from Sigma-Aldrich
Company Sigma-Aldrich
Item Isolated Mitochondria Staining Kit
Description The kit measures mitochondria intactness and detects events that dissipate the mitochondrial membrane potential.
Features and Benefits:
  • Fast, simple, and convenient method for staining isolated mitochondria and for assaying mitochondria intactness

  • Contains all the reagents required for the detection of changes in mitochondrial inner-membrane electrochemical potential

  • Contains the antibiotic Valinomycin that permeabilizes the mitochondrial membrane, and thus, dissipates the mitochondrial electrochemical potential. Valinomycin can be used as a control agent that prevents JC-1 aggregation

Preparation Principle: The kit is based on mitochondria staining using the JC-1 dye. In normal cells, the JC-1 dye concentrates in the mitochondrial matrix where it forms red fluorescent aggregates. Any event that dissipates the mitochondrial membrane potential (e.g. apoptosis) does not allow the accumulation of JC-1 dye in the mitochondria. The dye is detected using a fluorimeter or fluorescence microscope.
Info Sigma-AldrichSigma-Aldrich
Sigma-Aldrich Corp.
St. Louis, MO, USA
Customer Service: 800-325-3010
Tech Support: 800-325-5832
Fax Number: 314-771-5757
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