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Custom Peptide Microarray - Comprehensive Service from LC Sciences

ProductsCustom Peptide Microarray - Comprehensive Service from LC Sciences
Company LC Sciences
Item Custom Peptide Microarray - Comprehensive Service
Description LC Sciences provides a comprehensive service for custom peptide microarray experiments utilizing high density peptide microarrays synthesized on Paraflo microfluidic chips for quantitative assays using recombinant proteins/antibodies or serum samples. This comprehensive service includes assistance with your sequence designs, binding assays using sample(s) provided by you, single or dual color detection of the binding using a suitable method, image data processing, and signal data processing. Two-four weeks after receiving your sample(s), we send you a data summary report containing background subtraction, control and reference signal guided data processing, list of detected signals, and data averaging. We offer additional services for in-depth binding data analysis and curve analysis of quantitative measurements.

LC Sciences
LC Sciences is a genomics and proteomics company offering innovative, customizable, and comprehensive microarray services for nucleic acid/protein profiling and functional analysis, biomarker-discovery, novel drug screening, and the custom development of diagnostic devices. We provide unique one-stop products and services for assays of DNA, RNA, protein, enzymes, antibodies, or small molecules, as well as proven microfluidic technology and novel microarray chemistry for design of your miniaturized assay devices for diagnostics and biosensing applications.

Our microarray services include the use of custom synthesized microarrays based on the Paraflo on-chip synthesis technology which enables the total customization of content on each individual microarray. Our customers have the flexibility to use our standard probe content or their own custom designed probe content and to use probes of their chosen lengths and number of replicates. The Paraflo technology also provides the flexibility of synthesizing microarrays containing probes with modifications such as, 5-amino linker, phosphate, biotin, and various methylation or other types of modifications. Incorporation of modifications greatly increases the number of applications for these microarrays.

LC Sciences offers additional Paraflo technology derived products that serve customers needs for construction of biomolecular libraries containing up to millions of different biomolecules of defined sequences. These products significantly reduce the cost and increase the speed of highly multiplexing genome-scale experiments such as exploration of small RNAs and designer gene/DNA library synthesis.
Info LC SciencesLC Sciences
2575 W. Bellfort
Suite 270
Houston, TX 77054

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Customer Service: (713) 664-7087 or Toll Free: (888) 528-8818
Fax Number: (713) 664-8181
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